Does the Earth have a collective intellect?

if, as seems possible, our planet earth has a collective intellect, then it would be entirely reasonable to suppose that it also has an awareness that there is something wrong, that there is an infestation by a rogue species whose selfish grasping nature seems certain to destroy the living environment for all other species. Possibly the Earth itself as a functioning living environment.

That being so, what better way to rid itself of that species, than to destroy its means of survival?

that survival is entirely dependent on a combination of excess consumption and self delusion.

The excess consumption of ‘infinite growth’

the self delusion that ‘homo sapens’ is the dominant species that has invented gods to justify its existence.

Cut out the means of ‘infinite growth’, as a cancer is removed, and the growth dies out. And we die out with it.

Infinite growth is destroying the living environment of everything else, through resource depletion. Remove those two factors and that species will die out and the Earth will revert to its unpolluted state.

What better way to do this than to release an infection that instantly stops all polluting activity?

Humankind is suddenly cut off from everything that makes ‘infinite growth’ possible.

Nobody saw it coming, yet here were are. Cut off from each other, deluding ourselves that we can ‘work’ via computer screens. In a matter of weeks we find ourselves foraging for food, rather than booking flights and buying cars and TV sets.

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