I think your comment about individual transport will stop many people travelling misses the point

in previous times, communities were self sufficient — blacksmiths, weavers, shoemakers, food producers and so on.

Don’t know what it’s like in Germany, but in UK village communities have no support services at all.

Buses are infrequent, because the energy input to support them is too expensive.

Therefore cars are essential

same with employment. Cheap petrol made 20 mile commutes routine, and village life very pleasant. Remove petrol and life becomes impossible

A ‘’different infrastructure’’ means moving nearer to work/school/hospital/supermarkets etc, or those facilities moving nearer to you. Can’t do everything online. Or some kind of mobile service which would be impossibly expensive. The Chinese have started moving everyone from countryside into cities, That’s an unfolding horror story.

There are no other options that I can see. Maybe I’ve missed something?

Right now we are seeing international trade treaties falling apart, because participants perceive unfairness in one way or another.

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