i read back through your solar articles again — -i do recall the original from 2017.

the comparision between cheap aircraft and cheap solar, …..unless ive missed something, i didn’t read every detail in your pieces,…..

breaks down i think because aircraft production creates ongoing employment for thousands of workers, and after production, continues to suck in energy, and create more employment until it wears out and is recycled — -so we have constant wage circulation from the production (energy consuming) process.

this is true of cars, houses, shipbuilding and so on. — -they all consume lots of power and thus sustain ongoing primary employment workers work faster and faster to build more and more aircraft — -but that work speed/volume is specific to the available energy as input to the system of production

it is not possible to sustain employment without energy input.

solar panel and turbines on the other hand are intended to produce energy, not consume it (other than in producing them)

the employment they produce via that energy is ‘’secondary’’ — ie there have to be machines driven by that energy by which employment is derived — -so the machines have to be built.

Those machines cannot be built solely from the input of windfarms and solar panels

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