i accept your point of view

It was Lenin who promised the poverty stricken masses eternal socialist utopia by usurping the Tsars — Stalin grabbed power when Lenin died prematurely and corrupted it into police state. Russia has remained like that

Russia was full of resources/energy, but they had no means of spreading it out (or intention) among the proletariat

saudi followed a different route., a super-elite with a distribution of energy wealth to the lower echelons, but while retaining medieval regime and thinking

in uk, a form of social democracy came about because the factories needed workers. it wasn’t possible to run an 19th c factory with the same laws that governed a 17th c peasant economy. — -though initially they tried. — -

as our collective energy resources deplete, there will be a reversion to serf-economics and laws — -ie fascism, but it will manifest itself in different ways in different places

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