Human Fever

Meat production is ultimately energy production. It can be given a calorific value in the same way that oil, or coal has a calorific value.

And everybody wants to screw as much value from every calorie, whether that’s farming pigs, harvesting grain or sinking oilwells.

People demand oil, demand food, there is no mass protest at how corporate greed is destroying the earth to turn the planet into money. We are, effectively, consuming the place on which we live, and defecating that consumption as a bigger and bigger pile into a smaller and smaller space.

North Carolina is not alone in drowning in its collective shit.

Cheap meat, cheap fuel — -it is the same process, and most people are convinced that this will go on forever, because they voted for the man who promised it would be so.

Our prime mistake is in thinking that the planet can be owned, and thus we can do with it as we please.

The reality is that planet earth has recognised us as a plague species, and has allowed our population to grow to unsustainable levels. Just like any plague, this has allowed the temperature of the host body to rise in response. This will be the means by which we are got rid of.

I’ve expanded on our fallacies here:

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