human activity can only take place by consuming energy — first food, then via machines

it isnt possible to separate the two

as to art — -a masterpiece is worth millions only because there are sufficient people who have accumulated sufficient energy via commercial enterprise to be in a position to compete for it, and who agree on its ‘value’ — and hence bid for it, on the assumption thats its value will go on rising

If they thought otherwise, they wouldnt want to buy it’

without that competition, it would only be worth the canvas it was painted on. van gogh never sold a painting in his lifetime, nobody wanted his paintings

i paint/draw passably well — but my art will never appreciate in value, even after i’m dead

agreed we receive vast amounts of sun energy but it is too diffuse to use efficient other than as food (about 100w /sq m)

we can only use oil by burning it, to provide employment

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