Hitler packed his courts too

I had the same gut wrenching feeling watching the ACB charade.

Something visceral that could be physically felt, deep inside. Only 80 years, and it’s rolled round again. The same fears, the same monsters rising, the same righteousness, the same apathy from the majority, the same inevitable endgame of total collapse and blaming of ‘others’.

Only when this collapse comes there will not be a benevolent USA to help rebuild flattened cites.
This time the wars of denial will flatten the great cities of the USA and leave them as wastelands of jesusfreakery and wars of denial that will reflect the European wars of religious madness of the middle ages but on a far grander scale.

Hitler’s Nazi’s were a minority too, but it didn’t take long to frighten the rest of the German people into submission.
The Wermachts’ belt had GOTT MITT UNS stamped on the buckle:

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Just in case anyone should be in any doubt as to the likely future if this isn’t stopped right now.

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