Hitler never set foot in a concentration camp, — he had plenty of willing helpers to do that for him.

Hitler could not do his dirty work alone. He didn’t need to, once he was seen to be in the ascendancy, thousands and then millions volunteered to carry out his orders.

All it took was a few hundred dedicated thugs at the beginning to frighten everyone else in submission, or at least acquiescence. It was easier to say nothing in the face of the rising tide of fascist evil.

Then the hundreds became thousands, and it became easy to recruit concentration camp guards.

But all this was 80 years ago — -all well into the past.

Look at the border guards now — does anyone seriously doubt that they would not eagerly switch to other kinds of guard duties?

Do we not hear of ‘’enemies of the state’ once more?

There is nothing new in this. The more the don gets away with, day to day, the more he will chance the next atrocity and the next. Each will grow in obscenity as the power to resist weakens.

Hitler made full use of the ‘’repeated lie’’.

The German military knew where their Fuhrer was headed, yet they threw in their hand with him, to further the cause of the ‘greater Germany”. This will happen to the US military, the rational generals have already been got rid of, to be replaced by chancers — -just like last time.

The common soldier will fall in behind whoever pays his wages — -just like last time. Soldiers need employment. They will not be used to fight foreign wars, but to put down internal unrest as the POTUS grabs the power of totalitarianism while the economy goes into meltdown and resistance crumbles.

The don has already made tentative moves in that direction, given the slightest opportunity he will take it. And the Jesusfreaks will see it as a prelude to the second coming. (I do not jest here). Pence sees exactly that. Pompeo is waiting to be raptured

The USA will become a police state, in denial of reality — again, just like Germany in the 30s/40s.

Hitler made promises he could not fulfil, and the nation collapsed. He was still moving phantom armies around when the Russians were 1/4 mile from his bunker.

The bible thumpers so in eveidence now will be got rid of once total power has been taken. Then perhaps they will see the error of backing the charlatan.

But by then it wil be too late of course — the revolving door of the WH will no longer lead out onto Pennsylania Avenue, but to far darker places

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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