here in uk, we enjoy a universal healthcare system, and it works pretty well — -it is a ‘’right thing’’ for any civilised community. That much we can agree on

unfortunately it is unsustainable, because it is based on unlimited supplies of cheap surplus energy. It is not a political problem.

When our healthcare service started, medical yechnology as we now know it was inconceivable. We can now work medical miracles, but only as a result of colossal energy investment

Hospitals are health factories, and without industrial backup, your doctor would be of no more use to you than a tribal medicine man. This is the future we face, as energy availability goes into decline, so will medical services.

We will deny this of course, and continue to insist on every medical procedure being made available, but this drains public funds.

The same will apply to all government expenditure — -without sufficient energy input, hospitals, schools, military and so on, become unaffordable other than at rudimentary level.

And no — -”renewables” will not deliver sufficient energy to maintain the system

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