hate to rain on Biden's parade

he means well, promising all the right things, and Trump was the personification of evil.

but just under half the American voters wanted evil to remain in office.


because they were being promised that he could deliver it all, forever.

Biden promises try to fix climate and energy problems, but just as with Trump he will not be able to deliver.

There is an energy problem, but it isn't a shortage of oil, it's that oil is becoming unaffordable to the majority. There is a climate pronlem because there’s too many of us.

We must burn fuel to provide employment and wages. If we can't afford that fuel then wages/jobs will disappear. And if Biden's promises are not fulfilled, then trumpism will rise again in 2024, on steroids.

Covid is shutting us down. The outcome of that is anybody’s guess, but it isn’t going to be pleasant, and politics isn’t going to fix it.

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