has anyone noticed or done the comparison, that the woman who signed this bill in Alabama, fitted exactly into to image put over by Margaret Atwood in the Handmaid’s tale?

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those women were critical to the storyline, it was they who committed the worst excesses of evil on women younger, prettier and more vulnerable than themselves.

we expect women to nuture and care — -then we read of vicious nuns who ran the magdalene laundries in Ireland, starving illegimate babies to death then dumping them in unmarked holes in the ground.

I could go on. In some states the very worst is coming out now a POTUS is in office who condones every obscene excess, or at best just doesn’t care

I’ve tried to put across a warning here, just how dangerous this is becoming, the eager march into the totalitarian state. These gullible fools think they will get their Christian utopia.

They will get the opposite when the morality ploce take over

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