Fusion, whether a practical proposition or not, will require a highly complex industrial base to make it work, or even to conduct experiments and trial to explore the possibilities of making it work.

You cannot set up a ‘fusion power plant’ in your backyard as, say. Edison or the Wright brothers did with their inventions, but I sometimes think that the majority imagine we can do just that.

We currently run an industrial infrastructure on the power base of fossil fuel energy systems. There are no alternatives.

We are running out of fossil fuel to run our industrial systems, so if fusion power doesnt deliver within the next decade, then it isn’t going to deliver at all.

We have been led to believe that there will always be more. But there isn’t any more — fusion is a fantasy too far


co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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