‘fraid not

but it helps to spread the word about the real problems humankind is up against, rather than expecting solar panels and electric cars and a change of political leadership to somehow provide an answer. (and shutting down the oil industry of course.)

my main point is, I think, that every one of the marchers has contributed to the mess we’re in, as did their forebears (and mine).

Everyone gladly burned what Rockefeller offered, but now scream in protest at the result. Most are oblivious, I think, to what will happen when our oil artery is cut.

That somehow there will be a dwnsizing to a more benign lifestyle.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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