Fossil fuels built the American Nation

the American nation was created through access to seemingly unlimted amouts of fossil fuelled energy.

By the same tokem as those energy resources decline and cease, the American nation will also cease to exist.

Ranting in a Washington bunker screaming orders will have as much effect as Hitler screaming orders to mobilise armies to fight the advancing Russians in 1945, when they were literally banging on his door.

Trump is in the same denial mode, not accepting that he will be dragged out of the White House unless some military intervention saves him

Denial is as powerful now as it was in Berlin in 1945.

Always the fault of ‘others’, and some miracle ‘weapon’ will be devised to deliver salvation at the last minute.
Covid will ‘vanish’, Pompeo will be raptured, Pence will witness the second coming. The similarities are obvious and constant, the claims nonsensical. Biden will be shown to have lost the election.

As is the denial of the problem: that the USA is coming apart at the seams because the threads of energy can no longer hold the emperor’s suit of clothes together.

The nation will devolve into warring factions. The cracks are already opening up. States are being drawn into a fight for survival, Borders will become real as secession and denial kick in. Political riots are the first manifestations of that.

The outcome?

The USA will become like the old nations of Europe. Each taking bites out of the other, ebbing and flowing over land as it provides sufficient support for military adventures from one state into another..

Study the history of Europe over the last 1000 years. That is the future of the USA for the next 1000 years, or less.

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