for the moment, the Don is president.

We have to live with that, until the situation changes, he’s impeached, resigns — -whatever.

This is history repeating itself

in Germany, in 1932, the universal thought among the political elite was:

“When he’s in power, we can control him” — but he was being given access to what would become the most powerful military machine in the world

Hitler surrounded himself with sycophants and nonentities who looked to their leader for job security, he needed them to applaud his genius, his power only grew.

Strong arm tactics with dissenters quickly discouraged others inclined to protest, and within weeks, all opposition was suppressed.

But the leader had done nothing he had not promised to do before he was elected

And the multitude had cheered him on in his expressed intent.

To make Germany great again.

Hitler could not have wrecked Europe alone, he needed popular support

Now take a break from my ramblings and watch this video:

this is what the future holds if the leader goes unchecked

That video does not make easy viewing; we thought such evil was long dead. If you are able to think with any depth, it will move you deeply. But watch it, It will scare you — it is meant to do just that.

Digest what it means. Circulate it to others. It is the ultimate outcome of fascist thinking.

The promise then was that the German nation could have more…and more…and more.

If only they weren’t being prevented from doing so by “lesser people”. Does it all sound familiar?

And so the illusion of permanent victory took root. And justification for evil.

But in our present time, we cannot take by force what others have. Can we?

The third Reich expanded through an energy grab other the resources of weaker states.

In our present time, we are burning the last of the fossil fuels, determined to monetize the hydrocarbon content of the planet and pollute as fast as possible.

Again the promise is there: “To make America great again”

To grab more, to burn more, to pollute more.

But there is no more — -our lifeblood, oil, has been burned, and with it any vestige of social cohesion because oil provides the basis of most of our employment

but the screaming masses insist that more is just a matter of voting prosperity into office — -and when this is shown to be nonsense, and the mines of Virginia and the steelmills are not reopened, and the national economy nosedives, you are going to get violent civil disorder.

When that happens military intervention is certain — - — -just like the great leader of 1933. — -it will be necessry to restore ‘order’. it will also be necessary to suspend the constitution.

That will be the start of a dictatorship — -purely temporary of course — -, but republicans will let this happen. Even if Trump is got rid of, it won’t stop the rot. Pence is next in line. Put him in charge and you have an even worse situation — -a theocratic dictatorship.

Once the military are running things, you will have the fourth Reich.

This gives a step by step guide to having a dictatorship:

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