food is a form of energy, it cannot be created for our benefit as some knid of nano technology

energy cannot be created (or ‘generated) we have pulled off the neat trick of turning oil into food — -it is not possible to do the same thing with electricity no matter how smart your phone is — the two are not related

Information technogy cannot feed us, or move stuff around. Try not to be dazzled by technology — -technology is made possible by creative uses of energy — -much as we might want it to, it doesn’t work in reverse,

Goods are blocks of embodied energy. It is not possible to create energy, only convert it from one form to another.

electricity requires mechanisms before it can be used for our benefit. Even an electric car is a construct of fossil fuels, and cannot function outside a hydrocarbon based environment (Imagine electric cars running on dirt roads?) even the battery requires fossil fuels to produce the lithium)

“BAU into old age and a healthy lifespan” was written with a thread of irony — -I assumed that was obvious.

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