few can accept that democracy has existed only in parallel with common prosperity.

before our current era, autocratic rule was the norm, elites held power, the rest were slaves, or little better than slaves.

cheap surplus energy spread a kind of democracy, now that cheap energy is slipping away from us, and the fascists are rising again on the promise of bringing it back

but of course, it isn’t coming back, yet we hold onto that fantasy that it is, and vote for idiots who promise that it is — -if only we vote for their totalitarian methods.

The common thought has been that the prosperity of the last century or so has been entirely due the man’s ingenuity, some kind of flowering of intellect. It was nothing of the kinf. Da Vinci had the basics of flight figured out. He just disn’t have an engine. As soon as we had oil, we got motive power and ignited the brief flash of light that has been our era of democratic enlightenment.

That is now leaving us

Thus maybe explains why:


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