Every man is promoted to the level of his own incompetence

the current POTUS is living proof of that

But constantly ridiculing an imbecile makes we clever people feel good but it will never resolve the problem we all face — irrespective of who is in office. We call the politician stupid, but that exposes our own stupidity. It isn’t a political problem. Obama brought class and normality to the office of President, but he was faced with the same problems too.

He didn’t make such an idiot of himself by saying every adversity was a hoax.

He was fully aware that they existed, and that they couldn’t be resolved. So he didn’t make foolish promises he couldn’t keep.

With that in mind, Trump faces the reality of never being able to deliver on anything he’s promised — -even if he possessed the intellect and integrity to do so.

The problem (ultimately) lies not with the Don, but that we live in an economy created by cheap energy, and we are trying to maintain it using expensive energy. This is why the infrastructure is beginning to fall apart. Concrete disintegrates, and we can’t afford to keep repairing it.

You can’t fix deteriorating roads and bridges or build houses with the output of windfarms and solar panels. And electric cars are useless without roads to run on.

Even a real POTUS couldn’t change that.

What wealth we have is derived from available energy. Without energy to underpin it, money has no value. Without money to exchange, we have almost no meaningful employment.

The millions who voted Trump into office were told that prosperity and infinite wealth could be voted for , and they were gullible enough to believe that the laws of physics and politics were interchangeable, with the timely intervention of their chosen god of course.

The chaos in the White House is proof that they are not. The USA had a post WW2 oil fueled production prosperity that ran until 1969/70.

And what happened in 1970?

For the first time the USA consumed more oil that it produced.

That was the beginning of an endgame that saw Donald Trump in the White House 46 years later, put there by millions of desperate people seeing their cherished ‘American Dream’ collapse back into the nightmare it always was., after 46 years of stagnation and decline that they didn’t understand.

Surrounded by priests and charlatans reinforcing their own holy egos by massaging his, he could only promise to reverse the laws of physics by prayer.

His supporters will soon find that they voted themselves into a Ponzi scheme, and when it crashes (as they all do) the result will be violent civil disorder. Trump will be seen to be out of his depth and will be removed from office.

He will be replaced by a real dictator, someone who knows how to impose a tyrannical theocracy, backed by a military who will see no option but to ‘follow orders’.

With insufficient energy to sustain our current infrasture, chaos is certain. The current rise of right wing extremism is proof of that happening right now.

The EU was created out of the same post WW2 energy driven prosperity, now that too is falling apart. The Brits have been told that dropping out of the EU will restore their prosperity too, and somehow return to country to some kind of golden era of ‘freedom’. It won’t. It will hasten the descent to privation and poverty.

Constraint on living standards is caused by rising cost of oil in real terms.

Originally built on coal, and propped up for a few years by North Sea oil, UK solvency is fading fast. Yet the same certainties of denial are as pervasive as in the United States.

We are told about ‘alternatives’ that will replace our energy resources, and that ‘technology’ will deliver.
Cheap surplus fossil fuel energies allowed us to enjoy the benefits of technology. It doesn’t work in reverse.

I can only repeat the warning: This is not a political problem. The Don is the symptom of our naivety and ignorance, the cause of it lies with all of us.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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