Even within the horrors of “The Handmaid’s Tale” there were women who supported the worst excesses of the men.

There were central to the plot — I thought that was obvious.

they inflicted the worst cruelties.

The women of the southern states see young women as full of sin that must be purged.

It can’t have escaped your notice that this was signed into law by a middle aged woman:

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Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama

— -who fits into Margaret Atwood’s characterisation in The Handmaid’s Tale with horrifying accuracy

Have you not read of the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland? Where babies born to unmarried mothers were allowed to starve to death, and then dumped in unmarked graves?
Women eagerly participated in the worst Nazo atrocities.

Atwood summed up the worst of her own sex, as well as the worst in men.

It is always the innocent who must suffer for their ‘’sins’’ — -what do you think the basis of ritual sacrifice was over millennia?

And this is just the start.

They want full control. Women voted for Trump because in him they see ‘’god’s hand’’ and divine will.

Roe vs Wade is just the start of it, wait till things get really rough, and the economic system collapses and people start rushing into churches seeking salvation.

Then you’ll find the excesses really kicking in as these morons of both sexes seek to blame someone for their misfortunes.

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