European history and American history are as one

It is important to look at European history, not since 1945, but the 200 years and more back from that date

yes europe has enjoyed peace and democracy, while the USA is clearly spiralling down into something of a dark future, but we cannot hold up Europe as a paragon of virtue in this respect.

Check back through the centuries. There was no form of social safety net for anyone here either. People died of starvation, disease and the justice system. In Uk there were over 100 offences carrying the death penalty. Life, as long at it lasted, was horrible.

And it didn’t last very long.

Prior to 1945, all European nations fought with each other in various combinations of states. Too many to list here — go look it up. Each state had its own take on ‘democracy’ — -which in effect was an autocracy of sorts. The underclass obeyed the ruling class, the democracy of mass suffrage was, and is, a sham to placate the masses.

The UK had a monarch without power, but below him was and is a ruling class. And of course a self seeking religious class.

We deny the reality, that the USA is Europe writ large. The warring states of Europe discovered the resources of the USA just as they were running out of their own ‘stuff’ to fight over.

So the nationalities of Europe upped and shifted to the USA and began to expand into the ‘infinity of plenty’. But the underlying norms of Europe were carried to the USA like a dormant disease. Just as with Columbus, the people of the Americas became infected without knowing it.

They still don’t know it, yet they are falling over from it just as those who came into contact with the conquistadores fell over.

It was the will of god. The same words are being used right now to justify the excesses of the acquisitive political elite. Watch those who stand behind Trump. either in the oval office or at the rallies. They are the ex Europeans who have always chanted that god was on their side.

They are in fact much worse. They know the deceit of their own words as they utter them. They are stripping the land and people of all that might sustain them while priests chant their words of eternal salvation.

Just as they did in the 1500s

Just as they did in the biblical justification of slavery in the 1700s

Just as is happening right now as people die for want of medical care.

“not praying enough”…”They have not chosen the right god”

The European mentality writ large in the Americas yet again. It is an enslavement of the common man yet again.

Every European war was fought with god on everybody’s side. Every ill was the result of god’s displeasure. Every birth and every death was the result of some kind of right or wrongdoing.

This is why the jesusfreaks want to control your life.

And this is why to established system in the USA is collapsing, just as it collapsed in Europe. It collapsed because its foundations did not exist: the concept of infinite expansion infinite wealth and infinite salvation.

The godbotherers want your life. To control it in the absolute sense. Just as they did 500 years ago. When the dictator takes over, scientific reality will become heresy. Church and state will again become as one.

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