er, the wonderful bees are preyed upon in various ways, to make use of their inherent skills and useful products. From varroa mites to us, other creatures want bee products. They have evolved stings to defend themselves. Flowers have evolved to attact bees.

Venus flytraps have evolved to eat insects directly

It is an unfortunate aspect of existence that every species is preyed upon by another.

We think of ourselves as the ‘dominant species’, yet we are not. Life forms that use our bodies as mines and prairies are living proof of that. We are grazed upon. The grazers and miners do not know of what we are or our stupidities.

Those micro organisms keep us alive to suit their ends. If we die, they will find another host and will not notice our passing; if they die, we die.

As to the ‘incel’ thing, why do you think certain cultures keep their virgin daughters under wraps? Predatory males, that’s why. Incel is just a new name for it. An unwanted predatory sex driven male used to be killed by a father. We can’t do that anymore. Modern media has allowed them to come into contact with each other and find a common grievance. It is nothing new.

Humankind has preyed on every other living thing and in so doing has brought the planet to the point of collapse as a living entity. Our predations have been taken to excess

We are now unsupportable in our current form, and will be removed

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