Dont underestimate the current administration.

Some are fools, many are very capable in what they intend to do.


In 2011 I wrote the following (you’ll have to take my word for it):

(((By the election of 2016, or 2020 at the latest, the declining economic situation in the USA will throw up a fascist dictator, or more likely a theo-fascist dictator)))

When I’d written it — -I read it and thought “that’s ridiculous”


But here we are. The economy of the nation is in decline, because the cheap surplus fuel that created it is no longer available. As decline becomes more severe, civil unrest will become inevitable, and social order will break down. When that happens, military intervention will kick in, martial law will be declared and a dictator will seize power.



Just in the first days of the insanity the business of the nation was subverted into the hands of men whose only concerned is business itself, and total control of USA Inc.

The great leader is trying to remove healthcare protection, something all other civilized nations take for granted. He is removing environmental protections on air and water. Opening lands to the rapists he is so fond of castigating, only these rapists will rape the Earth itself.

There is no interest in religion, but to get the godbotherers onside, they too must be led to believe that “others” are responsible for the sickness of the nation. Those ‘others’ are those who do not conform.

So they must be discriminated against. Be in no doubt that they will eventually be disposed of. One way or another.

It’s happened before

A political speech from 1933:

“I will employ my strength for the welfare of the German people, protect the Constitution and laws of the German people, conscientiously discharge the duties imposed on me, and conduct my affairs of office impartially and with justice to everyone,” Adolf Hitler. January 30th 1933

when you’ve digested that, take the trouble to watch this video:

send it to others, and be very afraid… offers the reality of what we face as fascism stirs again. And it is stirring again. Not just in the USA.

The new Fuhrer and his cronies are beginning to take control on their terms. Already the press is being vilified. Police brutality is being condoned and encouraged. Wrong voters wrong people — there are always others to use as scapegoats. How many signs do you need?

Sycophants are being hired who will agree that his new clothes are a wonder to behold, and generals who will control his armies.

Who better to command that than the generals already hired to do his bidding, under the leadership of the ‘’inner circle’’ closest to the great leader.

Just as with the last fuhrer, the generals are dependent on the leader’s favour.

With the economy shattered, soldiers will fall in behind whoever pays their wages — -they have no option. The generals are already being recruited. Their jobs will be on the line as much as the private soldier, so they will obey.

In no time at all you have a dictator installed.

Then Krystallnacht can really begin.

The thousand-year Reich promised eternal prosperity, and millions believed to be true as they cheered him on to ravage Europe. They voted for infinite wealth (to be stolen from elsewhere). It was a Ponzi scheme that lasted just 12 years. That’s what happened on Nov 8 last year, the gullible voted for the same thing. Only this time wealth is being stolen from our future.

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