difficult concept to get one’s head round — mine or anyone else’s. useful to be forced to explain it. (hopefully)

50 years ago, there was more fossil fuel available in general terms, so it was cheaper to buy in terms of average effort input. (same as any commodity in plentiful supply)

The graphic below explains it more clearly — -as oil gets more difficult to find/extract, we have to collectively expend more and more effort to get hold of it. The number of $ or £ is irrelevant. Thus there is less oil to use on maintaining our ‘’lifestyle’’ because we have to use more energy to get hold of the stuff that actually supports our lifestyle.

As below: less and less surplus energy available to society in general. We don’t live our lives with this graph in mond, we live our lives according to economic patterns — -and they are established in such a way that the only thing we know to do is to borrow money to convince ourselves we are not falling off the energy cliff

But we are falling off the energy cliff — -running faster and faster to pretend we are not

pure Wile Coyote territory I fear.

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