despite resort to common sense….where we know that capitalism is a destructive dead end, we still pursue it.


Because the acquisition of capital gives advantage in our two life-essentials:

Eating and procreation

How so? (and I comment in general terms, not from the point of view of an ascetic monk here)

If you are a good provider of food and shelter, in modern terms, then the economics of the stone age will still kick in and make you more attractive to the opposite sex. You may dismiss this, but those drives are still there.

Capital allows success in breeding. This is why you see a bimbo on the arm of an 8o yr old billionaire. She may not want kids, but forces make her seek the best option should she choose to do so.

Our modern brains have not had time to evolve from our hunter-gatherer past, so we grab what capital we can.

Some grab more than others, but the forces are common to all of us.

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