democracy requires prosperous people

Not so much enlightened people. Though generally the two run in tandem. But prosperity must be widespread for democracy to have any chance to thrive and survive.

Remove prosperity and those elightened people become ill informed rampaging lunatics.

This was made clear by Germany in the last century — clever, civilised, informed. Yet when their economic system crashed, they rampaged over Europe , following the orders of someone who was clearly off his head.

Technology amplified the idiot’s voice — he supplied radios virtually free.

I see little difference between that and modern twitter. 70 million people in the USA are suffering now from the same problem

If prosperity is absent, then the mass of people engage in struggles to achieve it, and in so doing destroy any possibility if it existing. A policy of self destruction

This is what we are witnessing today in UK. Lunatics rushing around screaming ‘nationalism’, as if the imperial clock can be wound back 150 years to the great days of empire.

And the Greeks ran a slave based society where women had no part in government — so let’s be done with the ‘Greek democracy’ nonsense shall we?

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