Coronavirus has decided enough is enough.

10 k years ago, someone had the brilliant notion of enclosing land and calling it ‘property’

this wheeze expanded into nation states and empires

the situation we find ourselves in is a direct result of that, because if you claim the earth as owned property, then it has to be cultivated, defended, accounted for and prayed over.

this requires surplus people

surplus people need surplus energy — -which can only come from the land itself.

this means there can never be enough land because there will always be surplus people needing more of it. So sustenance has to be taken from someone else’s land

the current virus biting back at us belongs in the territory of the various wild animals that the chinese are so fond of eating. Same with Ebola, and HIV and others. Even measles is thought to have jumped species to infect humans as we expanded our territories

all traced back to us invading territories where we should not have been, in order to further our own species.
It was part of our collective decision to convert the world into money.

And that’s why it ultimately can’t work, because money is a token of energy exchange, and the world itself can no longer support the weight of humanity. Coronavirus is the latest manifestation of that.

It is making us revert to survival mode. It may work for a while, and we can all get back to BAU again, or it may not. Our commercial system now depends on infinite, forward rolling debt. That debt also sustains the empires we have created.

The USA represents the culmination of this. An infinity of capital wealth accumulated by the few to the detriment of many. We can no long keep the wheels on the wagon. It’s in the dust.

We thought the oilparty was forever. It isn’t. It’s over.

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