coal has an energy density of about 24MJ/kg

Oil = around 45 MJ kg

Those figures are easily verifiable and shouldnt need stating

Nuclear is unusable in day to day needs. Requires colossal inputs in power station infrastructure construction, distribution and eventual decommissioning. (try doing that without oil.)

Yes we can go on extracting oil for 100 years or more. But if the energy cost of extraction exceeds the energy value at point of use, then the economic system that produces the oil will collapse, and the oil will stay in the ground.

Oil EROEI used to be 100:1, now the best wells give under 20:1.

Bakken, oil sands etc deliver about 6:1.

Our current standard of living cannot survive on 6:1

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The above chart wasn’t made up by me to confirm my point. The steep decline has been since the early 70s, nothing has reversed that.

This is why average wages stay static, no cheap surplus oil to give real rises in value.

Nuclear power cannot produce the millions of artifacts we currectly take for granted. Nuclear power delivers electricity, and without the whirring gizmos on the ends of the wires, electricity is almost useless.

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