Careful what you wish for

Trump may be on the way out.

So let’s examine what Pence is. and would like to be.

A man so mired in his own version of righteousness that he can’t be alone with an unrelated female without compromising his warped sense of propriety.

This flags up warning signals……it is the the stuff of the Wahabi in Saudi Arabia, yet there is now a frightening reality that he might be POTUS. There is virtually no difference in their outlook in religious terms. Check his record on human rights and sexual tolerance, particularly towards women.

What other extreme views does he have in mind, ready to inflict on everybody else?

Consider this:

The industrial economy and politics are enmeshed. They are as one. As long as industry is humming along, nobody bothers too much about politics, everybody is too busy earning a living.Crazy politics are dismissed for what they are.

Now we have politics of the extreme….why? because the economy is shaky, people know there’s something drastically wrong. they look for reasons and scapegoats. Wacky politicians offer them those reasons and scapegoats. — -throw out muslims, mexicans — -and all will be well. Check German history for the backround to that.

The US and global economy is based on the use of finite energy, but we are locked in a downward spiral, driven by climate change overpopulation and energy depletion. To Pence these are hoaxes. It is impossible to separate political and social problems from those chaotic forces. Self obsessed politicians will exacerbate them.

I’ve expanded that theme here:

When the economy does crash (not if) it will result in violent civil disorder, in the USA and elsewhere because the economy will cease to function in any normal sense. This makes martial law inevitable, with Pence in ultimate control.

You then have the extreme religious right trying to run a collapsing country, and blaming the whole sorry mess on a lack of prayer, and with a vicious outlook towards anyone who does not fit their warped views of righteousness.

OK so no one can see exactly where this is going, but you get my drift.

Trump may be incompetent, but Pence isn’t. He is potentially much more dangerous. He will do what the extreme right wing want him to do, because he wants to do it too. If he is POTUS in the future time of crisis it will be because god has put him there. God’s chosen people are always the most dangerous. He will be very competent as a theo-fascist dictator, fully supported by his cohort of GOP godnuts, eager to inflict their extremist views on everybody.

So if we get to cheer Trump’s departure, let’s not get too complacent, a lot can happen in the next three years. If my predictions are accurate, it might turn into a permanent theocracy.

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