Buying a democracy

the critical sentence from above might be ‘’a bought democracy’’

you can trace that observation back to the years following the industrial revolution, when the newly fired up factories had to drag agricultural labourers in from the field to operate the factories and mines.

it was hard dangerous work, and the workers — -after much wrangling — -slowly forced better conditions out of their bosses, who gave way grudgingly.

neverttheless, improving pay and conditions began to creat the ‘’consumer society’’, and a kind of democratic system.

workers had to be given the vote to keep them happy, not that it affected things much in the long term, but at least the masses were placated.

The workers consumed, believing the promise that their consumption of shiny toys was to be forever.

right now, they are beginning to realise that forever is coming to an end.

The time of cheap surplus energy is over, and with it, the democracy that came with prosperity and cheap surplus oil.

They cannot grasp the simple reality that prosperity allows democracy to flourish. Without prosperity, democracy becomes an orphan and starves to death. When it has died we return to fascist autocracy (or theocracy) that existed before 1700.

Only this time it will be a far worse tyranny than existed under the medieval kings of Europe, because it will be the tyranny of denial, where we still cling to the promises of a false future, and allow ourselves to be subjected to it in the name of “making the nation great again”

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