The sideswipe of disaster
Was bound to come one day
We thought it would be warfare
Or a strike from outer space

Instead the smallest of us
Those we cannot see
Know that we have done enough
To bring Earth to her knees

So they’re rising up to save her
(it’s their home too you see)
To reassert their power
And cull us with disease

They’ve been around since life began
While we but late arrived
They know the way survival works
As we still stumble blind

They’ve decided we’re too many
And numbers must reduce
Our skill at procreation
Must now end our lease

The microscopic creatures
For whom we shed no tear
Are cutting down our evil ways
And reducing us to fear

Suddenly our world is slowed
By unseen policing hands
Our destruction of the planet
Must cease by their command

Now we dare not touch each other
Or follow travel’s tide
We cannot strike our enemy
Only use a mask to hide

The things that made us wealthy
Our ships and aeroplanes
Are now being used against us
To spread disease’s bane

So our commerce of pollution
Must be put on hold
For fear the bugs will find us
And leave our bodies cold

Thinking of ourselves as gods
That never was our due
To take their world as property
we had no right to do.

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