been saying it for years:

Democracy is a child of prosperity

poverty reduces it to an orphan and it starves to death

Fascist leaders arise, and promise a return to greatness — (study your history books) the theme is universal, even if the words are different.

And people fall for it every time, why?

because they have no other choice,

They must fall in behind the fascist idiot because this time — -just maybe, he will lead them to the promised land

He never does of course, because the promises are empty ones — -every fuhrer can last a few years, then his ponzi scheme collapses. They always do and always will.

Our current democratic system is less than a century old — -and coincides exactly with fossil fuels spreading a form of wealth to everyone

Now that is collapsing and taking our democratic system with it.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon email

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