an interesting, in depth appraisal of where we are and where we are headed.

Much to comment on, but I’ll concentrate on a few points that seem most pertinent.

You are young, intelligent and healthy, with the means to be where you fit the environment that suits your inclination, and our likely future. Permaculture, rewilding, leisure and so on. Most do not enjoy those priveleges. Advocate “quitting your job” to 3.5bn city dwellers and judge their response!

I suggest that if you have a serious but treatable illness, you will not lie down and die, you will find the nearest hospital ASAP.

You make the point that we cannot return to the stone age, but the pictures you use as illustrations, to show ‘’primitive contentment’’ are only a few stages removed from that. They know how to live, without devastating their environment. This is true, but I suggest this is not a conscious decision, but rather that nature did not bestow upon them copious amounts of coal, oil and iron, and (critically) a climate conducive to their use.

The same applies to the Inuit, for example. Their climate/environment /resources constrained population and territorial expansion. There were never enough Inuit to invade southwards.

The planet grew a ring of early civilisations/empires, all of which were located in the sub-tropics. The sun provided warmth and food, and made the living easy. (Just like your rainforest dwellers) — -but they were not content.

Why not?

Because expanding populations meant that resources were never enough, making conflict inevitable.

The self destructive knowledge we have, grew from those civilisations — -writing — maths — science etc. The steam engine was the final part of the science jigsaw. We got it first, and used it to conquer our environment and subdue ‘’lesser’’ peoples in ways the Greeks, Romans, Inca could not.

Our continues existence now depends on converting explosive force into rotary motion.

We also made the (literally) fatal error of thinking we owned the planet. And, as you say, do with it as we please. We are still locked into that mindset of infinite expansion, a concept that originated with a flat earth society. (it still exists)

All political/military promises are based on flat-earth infinity, and have been since we became planet-owners.

We demand BAU. Politicians and economists confirm that we can have that, so we vote for infinite prosperity. It is a collective insanity, a craziness that the vast majority are all infected by. — -Which means that you and I are the crazy ones for pointing out the obvious.

It has become the ultimate nonsense.

But the need to grab resources will go on, and get increasingly unpleasant as they get scarcer. This is where the real future kicks in: as things become more desperate, so will our insistence that we have a political problem, and vote into office those who offer to make things as they used to be. (Trumpanomics?)

We will accept any measure that promises what we want and agrees with our denials. So we will welcome the dictator and his ‘’necessary measures”. But when those measures do not put food back on supermarket shelves, and petrol in fuelpumps, all hell is going to break loose. Then the tyrant is revealed, and martial law will be introduced to “maintain order”.

In no time, you have a military dictatorship, almost certainly of the theofascist variety. (God justifies everything) All of which has a direct lineage back to oil. As I’ve explained here:

That is our collapsing future, not a benign downsizing into bucolic peasantry.

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