An accident of geology allowed the USA to win ww2 — it ‘’saved’’ the world in 1945. It was a superabundance oil coal oil and gas,

In 1776, the American continent seemed like ‘’infinite capital’’. It wasn’t. Neither was it an experiment. It was Euro-economics writ large.

capitalism on the face of it seems a good idea, as long as the world doesn’t run out of capital. As it is, we ‘consume’ capital.

Democracies exist only when there is a surplus of cheap energy available. Captialism is an effect of this. It is not the cause.

Capitalism drains available energy resources, and in so doing destroys the democracy that spawned it. This is why you have a rising fascism in the USA right now.

Unfortunately our only ‘capital’ is fossil fuel, and we have been told that is infinite. It isn’t. That is a lie. When we burn oil, it’s gone for good.

As our capital drains away, so the fight for it intensifies — which accounts fort constant oilwars. The rise of Trump and his ilk is a direct result of a collapsing democratic system.

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