America’s problem (and there is only one) is very easy to understand, once all the web of hysteria is stripped away.

in 1970, the USA went from oil credit producer, into oil deficit

ie — -More oil being used than is produced.

While at the same time the pretence had to go on that this made no difference to everyone’s standard of living — -or “The American Dream”

but of course it made a massive and cumulative difference, because the entire nation became a debt-based economy, borrowing like crazy to pretend that things were as they were before 1970.

But they were not the same — — Soon the oilwars kicked off, and have been fought ever since. Wars cost money — -you can have a modern infrastructure, healthcare, transport and so on, or you can have a military machine that drains the nation’s wealth.

but you can’t have both.

But Americans are in a delusion that you can have both, and can’t understand why not. Wars drain the nation’s wealth, warfactories run only on taxation. People have to pay taxes.

But warfactories provide millions of jobs. People demand jobs. People think money comes from printing presses. Wars are now increasing and can only get more intense as fuel gets scarcer.

Wars are reducing everyone to poverty, except those involved in supply of materiel. (twas ever thus).

The end result?

Secession, because nations can hold together only so long as the energy resource that created them holds together.

Oil is the collective glue. Without it, the USA will fall apart into warring states. The lines of division are clearly marked on geographic, cultural and religious line. (particularly religious)overpopulation. social collapse

There are no viable ‘alternatives’. Oil isn’t going to last for 00s of years, Jesus isn’t going to return to fill the oilwells. But that won’t stop the godbotherers shoving righteousness down everybody’s throat.

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