All wars, world or local, are ultimately about acquisition of resources

— -ie energy.

We have lived through a very short slice of historical perspective since WW1 — -the first industry-driven war. After a short break, that morphed into WW2, which in turn slid into the oilwars of our present time. It has been a timeslice of just a century — the blink of an eye in historical terms.

Our demand for fossil fuel has been relentless during that century— -we were told that it was infinite.

We were lied to.

Hitler told the German people they would have a 1000 year Reich. They were lied to.

Trump told the American people they were to be the new Saudi America

Another lie.

The common lie of course is infinite energy availability. There is no such thing, and we are now engaged in the final conflict over the last dregs of what’s left.

Oil will never run out. That is not a lie.

It will never run out because we will kill ourselves and destroy our civilisation fighting over what’s left. Which is why there have been wars in the Middle east for the last 30 years. wars that are increasing in desperation as the bleak post oil future becomes clearer with every conflict over the desert that covers it.

And the terminal joke on humankind is that it has been oil that allows the existence of the weapons that are used to fight for possession of it.

The ultimate circle of insane reasoning, perpetuated by all of us who demand that out fuel pumps and supermarkets must be full to overflowing.

So yes, war is inevitable. That is truth we have to face.

Not a world war with millions of men in uniforms facing each other, but a war of denial that collapses all of us into a future where we once again move only at the speed of hoof and sail, with no explosive forces to turn our machines.

A war that seeks to prove we can ignore the laws of physics and deliver eternal prosperity through force of arms. It will bring (temporary) prosperity for some, poverty and misery for the many. Just as wars always have.

But after all, is not god on our side?

We have fought each other over possession of oil, and denied the deathly certainty of it while our use of it is going to reduce our numbers to that of the time before we set fire to the planet 300 years ago.

(If we are lucky.)

But before we get there, oil is going to tyrannise us for a few more years yet. And we are going to convince ourselves that ‘things are ‘improving’.

It will yet another stage in the tyranny of oil that we have inflicted on ourselves.:

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