Accurate prediction is impossible

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, nobody can predict exact timing.

but, right now the USA produces 10Mbd oil, but consumes 18Mdb. If you spend nearly twice your income, (and fossil fuels are our only income) then bankruptcy and chaos are certain

the industrial world in general has the same problem to a greater or lesser degree. Every product we make and sell to each other has within it a component of oil coal or gas. We have no other energy source that compares to fossil fuels

This shows the future I think:

Though I am the first to admit I could be wrong.

Money has no value other than as an energy token, therefore the money we use to buy future energy resources will have no value if those energy resources are not there in say, 25 years time.

As the USA is already spending twice her income, then it is safe to say that that imbalance will worsen as years go on. The fuel disparity chart above make that clear.

Yes, there will always be oil in the ground, but when the energy to extract oil becomes greater than the energy obtained from oil, then the oilparty is finally over.

You may think it can go on forever. You are entitled to that opinion.

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