Above all else, the people of the USA, (together with all ‘developed’ prosperous nations) want to maintain and improve on their personal status quo.

To this end, they will do whatever it takes. (I speak collectively here).

We are in a position where that status quo is under threat, and we lie to ourselves that it can’t be.

because we lie to ourselves, we look for liars who agree with us. We are not open to rational doomsayers who point out that our point of view might be wrong. We want reassurance.

So we listen to the biggest liars to bolster that reassurance. They are always politicians or media editors.

Germany in the early 30s was in a dire situation. Hitler came along and promised the earth. His (eventual) intention was world domination but the German people were only interested in their status quo. They wanted the return of prosperity. The fuhrer promised that, so they voted for him. They didn’t know it was a ponzi scheme.

In short we remain convinced that prosperity is something that can be voted for. This is the ultimate support-lie of all politicians and hangers -on

Because the need for prosperous security remains paramount, we will accept any imposition.

The American people voted for Trump on the same basis. Con artists are always the best liars, you want to believe the Ponzi salesman. Hitler could not have done what he did without the support of the German people. “springtime for Hitler” became real for (almost) everybody in Germany. He put them back to work using borrowed money to make wartoys.

The war factories went along with it because they were making vast profits.

Sounds familiar?

Suddenly the latest fuhrer is boasting of the biggest military machine in the world, while the debt of the USA is spiralling out of control.

“lesser nations’ are being drained of resources to add support to this insanity. Climate change is a hoax, because it interferes with his plans for world control of resources.

the correlation between the 30s and now is precise and terrifying.

We are goose-stepping forward into a new version of old history:


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