a thought provoking and timely piece, amazing what a determined schoolgirl can accomplish in just one year. No one imagined the threat to established world order would come from such a one, but it did.

And world leaders are being forced to take notice now.

I wrote this a while ago, it’s becoming more pertinent as time rolls on:

The Life I stole from you

My child of coming future
My seed of self unborn,
Unknown as you are to me
I think of you forlorn.

Now the future die is cast
And as I see what is to be,
As despoiler of your planet
My conscience troubles me.

guilt has forced confession of my

I broke into your future house
Where you unknown still slept,
You could not guard against me
With your policing so inept.

The treasure of your posterity
Was there for me to take,
No one tried to stop me
All were on the make.

I spread the news about my crime
that said it was all fake

I want you forgive me
And judge me not too harsh,
For I was just a mortal man
With appetite too large.

Your house was there for looting
Your life was no concern,
I took what was yours by right
What I didn’t steal I burned.

But before I stole from you
to my god I turned

In times that were before my own
Gods were made to say:
That I could take and use your world
With no rent to pay.

It was written in the holy books
That all was mine to use,
Because I followed god’s command
You’re suffering my abuse.

the way I tore your world
apart will leave you much confused

All that stuff just lay around
I could not resist you see,
I stole it and I sold it
Along with your liberty.

I took away your freedom
To go where e’er you pleased,
Now your age of wheels has gone
No more fuel to be used.

My engines heated up your air and
left you breathing fumes

Now your lovely home’s on fire
before you wake to see it,
’Twas not the legacy I wished to leave
But my greed was all pervasive.

Though I’m not there to help you
I hope you survive the flames,
No doubt deniers will insist
The hoaxers should be blamed.

cities built at water’s edge
reveal my life so vain

Glaciers that dissolv’ed fast
were of no concern
The rising seas around me
Were a lesson left unlearned

So I ignored the heat
That melted polar ice
While removal of the icecaps
merely fed my avarice

it was not me alone
who caused your current strife

I thought your time was certain
and you’d have all that I had
I did not know that what I did
would turn out quite so bad

grieve not for me dear child
As your life unfolds,
For I am long gone from here
Knowing what your future holds.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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