a superb piece of work Nafeez, easily the best you’ve done on this subject.

On previous work, I’ve often found tracts that I can disagree with, but on this piece, everything is stated as it is. How much of it will be absorbed by those in positions of influence, is another matter of course.

Quote:- As domestic energy supplies dwindle, the state’s capacity to function recedes in unprecedented ways, opening the way for state-failure. As the state collapses, new smaller centres of power emerge, competing for control of diminishing resources.

What you’ve described there is the United States itself, something I’ve written about many times. The USA is a construct of fossil fuels. When those fuels are no longer available the USA must disintegrate for no better reason than it will become ungovernable over vast distances.

The cracks are already there. One doesn’t care to think about the awfulness of some of the regimes that will emerge as the USA secedes in 6 or 7 regions, all in conflict and denial over non existent energy resources. All demanding MAGA and convinced that prayer and brute force will regain that mythical state, all ultimately in conflict with each other. Horrific future visions there

Collapse must manifest itself in different ways in different places:

The oil sheiks are building industrial complexes to power their economy post oil. With ideas of the Gulf Ftates being a tourist destination.Who advises these people? The Emperor’s tailor?

The Chinese are building unlivable tower blocks as fast as possible, under the odd delusion that infinite construction provides infinite jobs

The EU was a construct of prosperity, it is now collapsing because the cheap fuel that built it is no longer available. This maybe expands on the reality of the EU:


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