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.Capitalism has created the climate crisis, and it is terrifying and real, and I’m not downplaying that, but the average Joe won’t start caring about it until CC induced food shortages empty his local supermarket and filling station.

Capitalism created almost every other crisis we face too.

We can’t pretend capitalism didnt exist before fossil fuels became available, It did. But muscle power can only be exploited just so much before it dies. With fossil fuels you just keep refilling your tank. You can’t do that with an animal. It dies on you.

Peasants used to be bred to work and die to support the rich man in his castle.

Fossil fuels let the capitalist genie out of the bottle that’s all. Suddenly everybody wanted a castle and a coach and horses.

This is the reality we face, among ourselves, interacting with each other, on a day to day basis.

We want our factories to stay open now — -next week. We can’t all take in each other’s washing and mend each other’s shoes, and expect wages for doing it.

Mr Average follows the political lead, reads/listens to the same news that agrees with his own mindset. I’ve seen this on a personal level, with otherwise un-stupid, very successful people. Brainwashed? Yes, but willingly I think.

Perhaps they recognise that the alternative is too awful to contemplate, so they do not contemplate it. They are not capitalists to vast excess, but they enjoy what capital they have accumulated. and are determined to hang onto it. As I am, for that matter.

Because they have been commercially successful, there is a certainty that the environment will continue to deliver cash forever. Explaining why it can’t is a waste of time. I’ve tried.

This is the problem to deal with. — — Education.

I’ve tried to outline the problems we face:

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