a sobering read

but it misses the point that capitalism was created through the delusion that we own the earth we live on — -instead of recognising what we are:

tenants on a short lease, with covenants not to mess up the place or we face eviction

(which is looking highly likely)

even those who profess not to be capitalists cant grasp that. — -we have created a capitalist system that was supposed to create the good life for all — -unaware that one man’s wealth is the debt of many others. Nations can hold together only in times of prosperity.

When prosperity fails, nations distegrate, and eventuall fight each other for the means to sustain themselves — -capital resources.

This is why the EU is starting to break up, and why the USA will secede into disparate states as the wealth-resouces-capital of the nation disintegrates.

this maybe explains where we’re headed:


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