A Revelation

Most articles on this subject bleat on about gentle downsizing, and transition to ‘alternatives’. Someone who tells it like it is , who seems to understand what we face, is a revelation!

The only omission is the political upheaval this is going to cause, and the effect on social cohesion on a global scale

My point being that all nations are governed by an immutable law:

if a nation doesn’t produce enough indigenous surplus energy to support the demands of its people, they must beg, buy, borrow or steal it from somewhere else, or face eventual collapse and starvation until their numbers reach a sustainable level.

The problem with that law is that nations refuse to acknowledge it, at every level, because it is socially unacceptable in its meaning and certainty. We have had 2 centuries of ‘progress’ and we have been promised the certainty of prosperous infinity.

We are not going to get that, but our very existence depends on it. All employment is dependent on fuelburning. We have pulled off the neat trick of turning oil into food.

We live in an energy economy, not a money economy.

The inevitable conflict between reality and political promises guarantees social breakdown as denial manifests itself in violence. Syria is the template for our own future.

Nations built on cheap surplus fuel cannot hold together without it. This is especially true of the USA, which is effectively 5 or 6 disparate regions that will secede when fossil fuels are no longer freely available. The cracks are already there along geographic, racial and religious lines.

With attempted secession, social breakdown is certain. This will result in violent government response and the introduction of martial law and likely civil war. The constitution will be suspended and a dictator will seize control

The mess will not be exclusive to the USA.

This expands the problem in some detail:


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