A mixture of wish economics, wish politics and wish science.


To ‘wish’ that America, the EU and all the other major nation conglomerates of the world would change is to ignore what created them in the first place.

It also ignores fundamental human nature, that we expect our ‘now’ to be a forever thing, with year on year improvements.

To Mr and Mrs Average, the existence in our current state is permanent, and it can be made so by voting for it through the politicians who agree with their point of view, which is largely fed by this or that aspect of the media.

They literally believe that infinite prosperity is something you vote for, ignoring the reality that this has only been the case while we (in the collective sense) have had cheap surplus energy at out disposal.

And that has only been the case for 150 years or so.

In past times, in the “feudal era “, any surplus energy was grabbed and hoarded by the robber barons. It was called a feudal society for good reason — the barons owned the land, and feuded among themselves to grab more.

This was critical behaviour at a time when prestige lay in the size of one’s castle, which required the energy input of maybe 50000 acres of land to sustain it. (and the serfs who came with the land) They lived at subsistence level, while the lord of the manor took the surplus.

Surplus energy is, and has always been, the crux of any complex society. This is what is in denial right now. Our current crop of robber barons have acquired colossal amounts of surplus energy and subverted it to their personal service. Instead of huge castles and personal armies, they have private jets and superyachts. But the drain on the nation’s wealth is the same as it was 500 years ago.

Their personal armies are the people who work for them in industries, and who can be cast out as redundant at a moment’s notice.

Again — just as their medieval forebears were. The new form of ‘gig economy’ is merely a return of the hiring fairs of the middle ages. The health of the modern serf has been provided by access to surplus energy. It is of little concern to the robber baron. It never was. Cheap surplus oil created our health factories.

It is still a caste system, and those in the lower castes are brainwashed into thinking this is as it should be. Your caste is defined by how much surplus energy you have available for your personal use.

Hence the cries of “no socialism” as if that is going to maintain a viable society. In the middle ages, the church inflicted similar beliefs to maintain the status quo.

As large nations break up due to lack of surplus energy to hold them together, there will be a return to the feudal society that always was. The current chaos is the denial phase of that.

co-author of The End of More, in paperback and kindle on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00D0ADPFY email pagett.communications@blueyonder.co.uk

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