a few more points

the 1947/onward chart is world oil not USA — -that did peak in 1970

we use about 1 bn barrels of oil every 3 weeks or so — -300 m barrels is just fumes in the tank by comparison

As to the ‘price being right’ the cost of extraction of bakken oil is borne by the legacy energy of oil we already know about and are using— -it isnt possible to extract Bakken oil by printing money — it is extracted by diverting oil energy that would otherwise have gone into supporting the consumer/spending system and creating increased wages all round…this is why living standards remain flat for the majority. The oil energy that used to be used in creating the “American Dream” is now preventing the American nightmare — -that of total collapse

we only began to adapt after the development of the steam engine.

before that we hadnt developed much in 000s of years in real terms — -diseases still killed us in millions, and nobody moved faster than hoof and sail,

i can ony suggest you look at this— -don’t take my word for it

i think chains of hydrogen fuel stations will be rather more complex that you suggest

and bear in mind that hydrogen fuel systems need specifically hydrogen engineered vehicles — -and even with hydrogen vehicals — -they will have no point unless we have productive work to do

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